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Social Security Disability (SSD)

Fighting for Social Security Disability Compensation

People seeking Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits must prove they are disabled and incapable of engaging in substantial gainful employment. Unfortunately, determining who is disabled and who is not has become difficult, and the Social Security application and decision process has grown increasingly complicated and frustrating for disabled individuals.

My name is Garry Whitaker. At Garry Whitaker Law, P.C. in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, I understand clients seeking Social Security Disability benefits are often struggling and need help understanding the system. I will work directly with you to file your claim or appeal, keeping you informed of developments in your case.

I represent the individual, not the case.

Don't Be Surprised if Your Initial Claim Is Denied

People filing for Social Security Disability benefits are often discouraged when their claims are denied. The truth is, more than half of the initial claims filed are denied for reasons including:

  • Incomplete information on the initial application
  • Insufficient medical proof of disability
  • Case not stated clearly

People with legitimate illnesses and disabilities may be denied once or even twice. If you filed a claim and were denied, I will work to gather evidence of your medical issues and build solid documentation to establish proof of your disability. I will assess your particular situation and work to present the strongest case possible.

Statistics show that your chances of obtaining benefits are better if your claim or appeal is handled by a professional with experience in Social Security Disability claims and appeals.

Over 25 Years of Legal Experience Working for You

If you are applying for Social Security Disability benefits, having a skilled lawyer on your side can improve your chances for approval. Contact my office online or call me locally at 336-777-1195 or toll free at 888-343-1022.

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