"I met Garry in 2012. I was involved in an automobile accident in 2011. I was working with our family lawyer who needed to refer me to Garry Whitaker and did.  Little did I realize it was going to be the best thing to happen to me.  Today, I consider him a good friend and would highly recommend him and have. He is an exceptional lawyer who will have your back.  He tells you the good, the bad, and the ugly of what you can expect with your case. And he fights for you. Having never had to use the services of a lawyer, except a divorce lawyer, I would definitely say Garry is a top notch lawyer.  He is honest.  Yes, I said honest.  I know most people do not view lawyers as being honest.  And I was one of them until I dealt with Garry.  Although serious, he has a great sense of humor.  Bottom line....he is an awesome attorney!!!!"
- Vickie Lynch
"Hi, my name is Maria Del Carmen. I recommend Attorney Garry Whitaker; he is a very good attorney. He helped me with my Worker’s Comp case and I’m very grateful with him. He did a very good job. I highly recommend Garry Whitaker!"
- Maria Del Carmen Mondragon
"My name is San Juana and long ago I had an accident at work in which I needed back surgery.  I hired the services of Attorney Garry Whitaker and until this day I have obtained all the needed medical assistance thanks to my attorney. I’m very pleased with his services."
- San Juana Arellano