Nursing Abuse & Home Neglect

If you believe that your elderly relative or loved one has suffered serious abuse or neglect of care in a nursing home or assisted living facility, it is important that you take immediate action by contacting a lawyer. Often, where there is one victim of neglect, more are found because there are patterns of elder abuse or neglect at many facilities. The history of violations of state and federal law needs to be thoroughly investigated.

Attorney Garry Whitaker is experienced with nursing home cases in Winston-Salem and throughout North Carolina, and he aggressively pursues all forms of nursing home negligence.

The signs of nursing home abuse and neglect are often hidden or covered up. Even worse, excuses for poor conditions or treatment are made because of an elderly patient’s health or even budgetary constraints. Regardless of how well-disguised, the patterns and practices of nursing home neglect can be determined, including:

• Malnutrition and dehydration

• Pressure sores or bedsores

• Fractures or falls

• Infections

• Burns

• Assaults (physical and sexual)

• Medical errors or negligence